Computer Scientist
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

  • Paintball

    I have been involved with Paintball since the age of 12, I have refereed & played in many tournaments, scenario games, and rec play over the last 20 years. Paintball has brought me around the country to take part in various events and meet and introduce thousands to our sport. I am a proven Air smith and have designed and sold a few items for use in the paintball world. Most of all I enjoy PLAYING the game, and introducing others into all that this sport has to offer.

  • Computer Gaming

    My love for programming came from my early experience with BASIC in the DOS days, some of my first code as a youngster was making maze games. Delving into full 3D computer gaming has come a long ways. I enjoy many styles of games but find myself spending most time split between a Shooter Game ( currently World of Tanks) and an MMORPG ( Mortal Online). I have made MODS, user interface upgrades, models, maps, and other configuration changes to many games. I have also tinkered with making my own games in UNREAL and UNITY game engines. Playing computer games can be fun, but lately I have gotten the most pleasure out of developing game components for various projects.

  • Robotics Engineering

    I was turned onto the Robotics Engineering as a hobbyist by a friend Andy a few years back. He introduced me to an ARDUINO board which he used on a project to make a remote controlled Paintball Marker. Using my knowledge of C++ I was able to not only help him finish the sentry gun, but I have since used similar devices (Phidgets, SMC) on many different applications from automated security cameras, web controlled sentry guns, to GPS driven quadrocopters. Using SORCEFORGE and other open source projects I have helped write function libraries and user interfaces that have been used in various robotics projects.

  • Motorcycles

    2 Wheel of any kind! Dirt, track, open road its always more fun on 2 wheels! Since a kid I have had a fascination with dirt bikes and motorcycles, I love to ride.

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