Christopher Masi
Computer Scientist
Hudson Valley - New York
  • I have developed and implimented various web based php/c++ coding projects. Such as a customizeable point of sale, inventory tracking, user and records databases, payroll/timecard systems, content management widgets, as well as robotic and camerea web integration and control. I also frequent GitHub and Sourceforge to submit help or code to aid in younger developers getting started.

  • As a personal interest I have dabbled in robotics for many years, starting with arduino and phigets , to quad copters, uav's and paintball shooting sentry guns and tanks! I enjoy bringing robotic controls into simple user interfaces that meld gaming with robitcs. Current project is working with opensource VR applets for the Oculus Rift to bring outdoor paintball into a VR enhanced augment of reality.

  • I have always tinkered in game development, mostly in the OpenGL platform, now a days I am working on creating an arena style pvp game based on the UNREAL engine SDK. Using the OPEN SOURCE projects on SOURCEFORGE my goal is to create a game that will port in various user inputs (gesture control, headtracking, haptic feedback, etc) into a hand to hand & melee weapon style arena multi-player game. The long term goal would be to take the work done on this arena game, and plant the functions into a MMO "sandbox" style world.

  • MODS
  • Currently I have been writing and tweaking UI mod packs (XML, Flash, and Scaleform) for a poplar game called World of Tanks. In the past I have mod'd or writin scripts for Half-Life2, Counterstrike (pre-source), Unreal, and Mortal Online.

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