Computer Scientist
Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


    I have always tinkered in game development, mostly in the OpenGL platform, now a days I am working on creating an arena style pvp game based on the UNREAL engine SDK. Using the OPEN SOURCE projects on SOURCEFORGE my goal is to create a game that will port in various user inputs (gesture control, headtracking, haptic feedback, etc) into a hand to hand & melee weapon style arena multi-player game. The long term goal would be to take the work done on this arena game, and plant the functions into a MMO "sandbox" style world.

  • MODS

    Currently I have been writing and tweaking UI mod packs (XML, Flash, and Scaleform) for a poplar game called World of Tanks. In the past I have mod'd or writin scripts for Half-Life2, Counterstrike (pre-source), Unreal, and Mortal Online.


    This project was funded by Andy Sanchez and his goal was to make a semi mobile automated Sentry Paintball Marker. Using an ARDUINO board, rc car servos, a webcam, rf transmitter and a net-book the finished project was able to be setup on site and automatically select targets and dispense shots of paintballs at targets moving with-in its 100' range. The system is a mix of RF, IR, and C++ to implement target tracking using webcam filters, we started using some open source software, but that was limited and custom API was made to get our desired results.


    Using a Phiget servo control board, c++ / FLASH and a laptop I was able to make a PAN and TILT tank turret that had a LIVE FEED from the device. It can be controlled using an Xbox controller and any laptop/phone, or even wireless VR glasses. The USER could toggle the guns safety, fire 2 Smart Parts Ions, turn 280 degrees, and zoom in and out of the web camera in 720p. Full control can be done from within the tank via a usb connection into the Phidget or remotely using the networks wireless signal from any device.\

  • UPV

    Andy was at it again this time he wanted to build an Unmanned Paintball Vehicle. Using a power wheels as a platform and a radio controlled RF signal. He turned this kids toy into a 1/4 mile roaming paintball vehicle able to send live video and shoot targets while driving. Later revisions yielded much fun outputting the video to VR glasses.

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